Prima Power – Over 4 decades at the forefront of laser and sheet metal innovation


Prima Power, the Prima Industrie group brand specialising in laser and sheet metal working machinery, launched the first of what was to become industry-leading laser cutting technology back in the late 1970’s, with a 5 Axis CO2 machine installed in the Tier One Automotive industry.

This machine represented the companies’ first innovation in the laser cutting world and set the path for creating a global brand and comprehensive range of 2D and 3D Laser Cutting and Sheet Metal processing technologies – one of the widest on the market today.

The company now produces a large range of laser machines from its state-of-the art factories in Turin and Minneapolis, complemented with full automation, software, and other process solutions from its worldwide manufacturing facilities.

High Performance 2D Laser Systems

Leading the 2D line up is the Laser Genius+ Fiber model, a fast, flexible solution that offers 2.8G of acceleration and 0.03mm full stroke positioning and repeatability accuracy, with advanced cutting capabilities through a high-tech adaptive cutting head that uses AI as part of its control architecture.

Models start from 3,100mm x 1,550mm capacity and extend up to 6,320mm x 2,100mm, with a compact and flexible design platform that allows for fast, “plug & play” installation and left or right-hand orientation to fit into the customers factory.

The Laser Genius+ comes with a choice of laser power to suit a wide range of applications in different materials and thicknesses. Standard cutting control suites allow the machines to automatically adapt between different grades and thicknesses, without operator intervention.

Whilst available as a standalone solution, the machines are also designed from the ground-up for automation. Customers can choose from simple load and unload systems or go further and add tower storage, part picking and stacking, or integration into a full Prima Power production system. Complementary software solutions allow for smart, data-driven manufacturing and high efficiency output.

3D Lasers with Unparalleled Process Flexibility

For 3D applications, Prima Power produces the Laser Next, Rapido and LASERDYNE model ranges, designed for 3-dimensional parts, from Automotive components through to Nuclear, Energy, Aerospace and Subcontract work.

The Laser Next series includes two automotive-specific 3D Fiber Lasers that are built for use in Tier One Hot Stamped processing and are used widely in global vehicle production. These machines feature turntables for part loading and unloading outside of the machine, whilst a part is processed inside.

Complementing these are the Rapido Fiber and Laser Next 2141 models that are used in wider manufacturing sectors, including automotive. The machines have working volumes of 4,080mm x 1,530mm x 765 mm and 4,140mm x 2,100 mm x 1,020mm respectively, and can be configured with either open cabins, single or dual fixed or shuttle tables, turntables, or rotary axes – providing superb flexibility for processes, part sizes and configurations.

As found on Prima Power’s 2D machines, the speed, accuracy, and repeatability of the Rapido and Laser Next are exceptional. Packed with technology, the machines have advanced cutting controls and are able to measure parts, as well as optionally carry out welding and even additive manufacturing processes.

3D Processing at The Pinnacle of Engineering Innovation

Completing the 3D line-up is the LASERDYNE range, comprising models for the high-precision processing of parts used in sectors such as Aerospace, Defence, Electronics and Medical. In such applications, product quality, accuracy and metallurgical integrity are often at their most critical. Prima Power are able to adhere to, and even surpass, all global standards in this respect.

High complexity part geometries are also easily achievable through the Beam Director® system, allowing the laser head to work at angles as small as 10 degrees to the part surface, protected by a multi-layered crash protection and avoidance system for total process confidence. In addition to regular 3D Laser Cutting, LASERDYNE models are also able to carry out applications such as drilling, welding and even laser metal deposition additive manufacturing.

Prima Powers’ long history in laser cutting, from the infancy of the technology to the present day, along with an impressive worldwide installation base and extensive global service ensure that the machines are both well proven and well supported. Prima Power are a natural choice for any company seeking a reliable and long-term solution for their laser cutting needs.

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