ETG Has Laser Focus With New Arrival


Now available from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) is the new Durma HD-FO Laser Cutting machine. As the latest addition to the Fabrication Division at ETG, the impressive new HD-FO series demonstrates industry-leading productivity, cut-quality and integrated automation solutions that make this new arrival an exciting prospect for sheet metal manufacturers. 

As a brand that leads the way in the UK sheet metal industry sector with its manufacturing efficiency, industrial design and ease of use, the Durma HD-FO provides low operational costs and an ergonomic quick-opening top cover and easy access to the cutting area with a compact bridge design that will appeal to all manufacturers. The Durma HD-FO laser is a user-friendly machine that integrates automated work processes that will save time and create efficiencies in your business. Furthermore, the new HD-FO has been designed to be energy efficient.

The advanced Durma technology ensures this machine has low running costs in a compact work area. The unique design minimises the footprint of the Durma HD-FO by incorporating the laser source and chiller inside the machine. Complementing this is the quick-opening front door that has been designed especially for customers with factory layout and space availability issues. Sheet loading and unloading are extremely easy in cases where no shuttle table is needed. The quick opening front door will save time and energy and whilst a manual cutting table is supplied as standard, customers can optionally select a pneumatic shuttle table option.

From a specification perspective, the impressive Durma HD-FO laser has a working area of 3048 by 1530 by 125mm in the X, Y and Z-axes with a maximum sheet capacity of 575kg. The Durma machine offers class-leading dynamics with X, Y and Z-axis travel of 90m/min and synchronised acceleration of 14m/s2 with an incredible positional accuracy and repeatability of 0.05mm. The Bosch Rexroth CNC control system and the user-friendly 19-inch screen combine to simplify and enhance programming and setting up.

The Durma Precitec Lightcutter laser head presents a combination of power and precision that enhances cut quality and edge finishes with its automatic focus that further enhances ease of use. This durable and powerful laser source is available with a range of options that include the YLR1000, YLS2000, YLR3000 and the YLS4000 which offer power from 1 to 4kW for cutting mild steel up to 20mm thick as well as stainless, aluminium, copper, brass and a host of other material types. For further information on this industry-leading laser technology, please contact the Fabrication Division at ETG for further information.

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