Wogaard makes positive impact on Health & Safety and Sustainability in manufacturing


The significance of sustainable manufacturing has seen a notable rise in recent years, driven by growing environmental awareness, regulatory pressures, and the pursuit of energy efficiency, among other factors. It encompasses not only environmental protection but also economic viability, competitiveness, regulatory compliance, and future preparedness.

Within the metal manufacturing industry, cutting fluids represent a substantial portion of operating costs for numerous manufacturing processes. By saving and recycling these cutting fluids, considerable cost reductions can be achieved, along with positive impacts on health and safety, resulting in a safer work environment for employees, as well as benefiting the environment.

Wogaard is committed to the environment and sustainability in the manufacturing industry by correctly managing and recycling coolant oils from CNC machines.

The acclaimed and award-winning Wogaard Coolant Saver has been specifically designed to enable manufacturing companies to reduce coolant costs and minimize their environmental footprint. This innovative device collects the coolant that is typically discarded along with metal chips, or swarf, and transports it back into the main machine’s coolant sump for reutilization.

Now, imagine the following situation. Users not only want to collect coolant from the swarf bins but also from other areas around the machine, such as trays, magazines, or any other areas in which coolant pools can be present.

This has raised the question: “Is it possible to run more than one vacuum cup of the Coolant or Oil Saver?” Unfortunately, this is not possible due to the flow dynamics within the unit and vacuum cup. It cannot be done right on the Coolant Saver or Oil Saver unit, but what about having an alternative solution that serves this purpose?

Wogaard, in response to customer and partner demands, has introduced the Wogaard A/B Box—a smart box designed to address the question of whether running multiple vacuum cups of the Coolant or Oil Saver is possible. Unfortunately, due to flow dynamics within the unit and vacuum cup, it is not feasible to do so directly on the Coolant Saver or Oil Saver unit. However, the Wogaard A/B Box presents an alternative solution.

With seamless retrofitting to existing Coolant Saver and Oil Saver installations, the Wogaard A/B Box ensures maximum coolant reclaim and promotes a cleaner and safer work environment. Users can expect enhanced efficiency, reduced resources required for floor cleaning and vacuuming, and improved overall performance.

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