Westermans International granted the agency for PEI Resistance Welding Solutions in the UK and Ireland.


This responsibility was entrusted to award-winning Westermans International in January 2024, succeeding Sureweld.

With history of over 35 years collaboration with Sureweld’s Director, Richard Papworth, Westermans has accumulated substantial expertise as an authorized reseller of PEI welding equipment.

Following Mr. Papworth’s retirement and the closure of Sureweld, Westermans International has been entrusted with the agency for PEI products. They will now directly supply PEI resistance welding equipment, ensuring continued support for existing Sureweld customers and prospective clients.

Craig Westerman, Sales & Operation Director, expressed his pride “We will continue the solid reputation of Sureweld has earned for resistance welding, and are delighted to take over the PEI agency.  We will continue to support the UK and Ireland industries with top-of-the-line resistance welding equipment”

PEI-Point SRL, the esteemed Italian manufacturer of resistance welding solutions, was deemed a logical choice for the family-owned Leicestershire company. Craig Westerman emphasized PEI’s proven track record, reliability, and adherence to high product standards and local sourcing of resources.

“It’s an exciting time at Westermans, marking yet another milestone in the evolution of our family business.” Commented Claire Spillane, Finance Director

Resistance welding is a pivotal process in the manufacturing of numerous everyday items, with a prominent application in the automotive industry. In this sector, resistance welding equipment is instrumental in seamlessly bonding auto body components both in the production phase and during repairs.

This welding technique leverages the inherent resistance of current flow within the base metals to generate heat, causing the metals to melt and subsequently fuse under the pressure exerted by electrodes. Recognized for its simplicity, speed, and reliability, resistance welding stands out as a highly efficient welding method.

There are three main variants of resistance welding: spot, seam, and projection resistance welding. Westermans offerings include PEI equipment catering to all three types, ensuring comprehensive support for various welding applications.

The impact of resistance welding extends to aspects of our daily lives, the cars we drive, kitchen appliances, living room furniture, production machinery, healthcare equipment in hospitals, storage facilities, and retail stores. Additionally, industries such as aerospace, defence, transportation, and shipbuilding heavily rely on resistance welding when seeking an economical and efficient method to join thin sheet metal.

Notably versatile, resistance welding can be applied to nearly all metals, including high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel, stainless steel, aluminium, magnesium, titanium, nickel, and copper. This method stands out as the most widely utilized approach for joining thin metal sheets, offering a more cost-effective and faster alternative to processes like riveting, mechanical fastening, and screwing. When disassembly for maintenance is unnecessary or when cost considerations come into play, resistance welding emerges as the preferred option over alternative metal joining methods.

As a trusted partner for high-quality welding equipment, Westermans International remains committed to delivering top-notch welding brands and equipment to meet welding requirements.

“The recent addition of the PEI agency enhances our ability to supply the highest quality welding and cutting equipment, sourced exclusively from reputable manufacturers with exceptional standards.” Concluded Craig.

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