Waverley Picks Tooling Intelligence as Inventory Partner


As an industry-leading provider of high-quality cutting tools and solutions, Waverley Cutting Tools has now announced that it has entered a strategic partnership with Tooling Intelligence Ltd. The collaboration between the two leading companies designates Tooling Intelligence Ltd as the preferred inventory management supplier for Waverley Cutting Tools across Scotland.

Located south of Aberdeen in Portlethen, Waverley Cutting Tools is recognised as a ‘one-stop-shop’, supplying Scottish manufacturers with a diverse portfolio of engineering products that range from cutting tools, measuring equipment, abrasives, oils and coolants, PPE, hand tools, welding equipment, consumables and much more. This market-leading supplier of manufacturing consumables has selected Tooling Intelligence Ltd as their preferred inventory management partner for their outstanding level of expertise and innovation that offers a truly independent solution.

Tooling Intelligence Ltd offers SupplyPro inventory management solutions and has remained exclusive to the brand since 2007. This partnership is set to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of Waverley’s inventory management processes. For manufacturers in Scotland, this partnership will benefit customers with streamlined inventory management, and robust and scalable solutions for streamlining operations and bolstering productivity. With advanced features that allow real-time tracking of tools, automated reordering of depleted stock and integration with existing ERP systems, the SupplyPro inventory management solutions will prove a huge benefit to Waverley Cutting Tools and its customers.

Roger Kelman, Director at Waverley Cutting Tools, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “Since working with Tooling Intelligence Ltd, our experience of inventory management has been a huge success. Tooling Intelligence is a truly independent solution that allows us to utilise the SupplyPro solution to its full potential. This enhances our offering and demonstrates our commitment and support to our customers who will benefit considerably from integrating a SupplyPro inventory management solution into their shop floor.”

Tooling Intelligence Ltd has been instrumental in providing tailored inventory management solutions that meet the specific needs of Waverley Cutting Tools’ customers. Their commitment to ensuring the correct setup and optimisation of the SupplyPro system has been pivotal in the partnership’s success. Richard Swaffield, Managing Director at Tooling Intelligence Ltd, shared his thoughts on the collaboration: “It’s been fantastic working in partnership with Waverley Cutting Tools. Roger and his team have an exciting range of customers with a diverse set of requirements. It’s been a pleasure to ensure that our solution has been set up and integrated successfully to meet each customer’s vast requirements and exceed their expectations.”

The partnership between Waverley Cutting Tools and Tooling Intelligence Ltd represents a significant step forward in providing superior inventory management solutions to the Scottish market. Both companies are dedicated to maintaining high standards of service and support, ensuring customers benefit from innovative and efficient inventory management.

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