Walter TC130 Supreme tap with improved quality and tool life


With the new TC130 HSS-E Supreme tap, Walter is launching a premium tool for blind-hole tapping that combines many different benefits. Taking tapping to a new level, the new TC130 Supreme tap incorporates straight grooves to produce short chips, resulting in high process reliability.

The special geometry of the taps produces an exceptionally high surface quality on the threads, which improves tool life by maintaining the quality of the thread. The last thread in the chamfer section of the tool is designed to ‘finish’ the thread, this results in an excellent thread surface. The high thread quality results in improved tool life.

Walter is offering the TC130 Supreme tap for thread depths up to 3.5 x DN with a wide product range including larger thread sizes. This includes M4 to M42 (metric coarse), M10 x 1 to M33 x 2 (metric fine) and UNC ¼ to UNC 1. As well as the impressive geometry, the two coating options, TiN coating (WY80AA) and the HiPIMS coating (WY80EH) further improve the wear resistance and thread quality.

The TC130 Supreme HSS-E taps feature axial internal coolant and have a tolerance of 6HX. As the taps can be used for ISO materials P and K, users benefit in particular from the competitive advantage offered by the innovative new patent-pending geometry. Preferred application areas include interference contours, deep threads, large batch sizes and series production.

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