Unison launches advanced tube bending application app


Unison Ltd has launched an all-new version of its industry leading, free-to-use Tube Bending Application app. With intuitive new features, it is believed to be the most advanced app of its kind for users of tube bending machinery.

The app makes it simple and straightforward for tube bending machinery operators to establish the required tooling type, mandrel style, size and material, as well as bend torque and machine size. As an additional benefit, a clear, simple indication of ‘application difficulty’ – the difficulty of bending virtually any metal, wall thickness and diameter – is also provided. Where customers are looking to bend new components or start new projects, but do not have the correct tooling or machinery, the app provides a valuable feasibility/viability check, detailing essential data regarding the equipment they will need to use.

New user-friendly features
In creating their all-new Tube Bending Application app, Unison’s in-house software design team introduced a whole range of user-friendly, intelligent new features. These include a new project-specific filing system and a new dashboard for instant access to tube data, project notes, tooling setup, mandrel setup and machine power. There is an updated conversion tool for transforming XYZ coordinates into YBC bending data. As in previous versions of the app, units of measurement can be displayed as either metric or imperial, while reports can be downloaded in PDF format for desktop filing, sharing, review and consideration.

First introduced in 2012 for iPhone, and regularly updated, Unison’s Tube Bending Application app quickly became an essential tool for application engineers and tooling designers. As the app grew in popularity, and requests for android and desktop operating systems were received, in 2018 it became fully web-based, with a mobile-friendly look and feel.

Revolutionising the way bend data is calculated
“Since it was first launched some ten years ago, our free Tube Bending Application app has revolutionised the way customers calculate bending criteria, providing them with a rapid insight into the necessary tooling setup, machine type and torque required to successfully complete even the most complex of bends,” comments Unison Ltd’s joint managing director, Alan Pickering. “Never content to rest on our laurels, in our latest app, we have made significant improvements to useability and navigation, as well as enabling users to organise files into a folder structure that can be accessed across all their devices. We will soon also be linking the data created by the app to our comprehensive bend tool quoting and manufacturing offer. This will provide users with a seamless, rapid means of costing and ordering any tooling they require.

“Before creating our all-new app,” he continues, “we took the time to consult with a number of customers – all to ensure that it would bring even greater value to their tube and pipe bending processes. The new app does precisely that and is a further reflection of our commitment to not only build world-leading tube bending machines, but also provide the finest software and support systems to maximise their usage. We are incredibly proud that around the world, Unison software is considered to be the most user-friendly for tube manipulation tasks.”


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