Udisys displays at Southern Manufacturing 2024


A specialised distributor of displays, touchscreens, embedded systems and flash memory, Udisys will feature a selection of demonstrations from TFT displays, OLEDs and LCDs through to smart displays with STM32, a 32-bit microcontroller integrated circuit. Featured also will be a selection of embedded boards and system solutions such as industrial motherboards, box PCs, touch PCs and tablets.

The supplier partners with customers for the whole of a product’s lifecycle, from the point of concept through to mass production. If a standard solution is not suitable for a project, enhancements and customisations are offered, which the engineering team will explain at the show. Udisys was founded in 2017, prompted by a gap in the market for a team solely focused on supporting customers in this area of their designs. A range of power supply solutions and components is also offered, including batteries and frequency components.

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