U.S. Army Awards Meltio’s additive manufacturing technology


The U.S. Army has recognized Spanish additive manufacturing based multinational – out of a total of 300 applications from international technology firms – for its unique metal 3D printing technology as a potential strategic partner for the development of technologies in its national defense program.

This recognition, the first for a Spanish AM company, highlights Meltio’s unique and patented technology that is already being used by the US Navy on the USS Bataan, thanks to the collaboration with its partner Phillips Corporation, in a hybrid system located in a milling machine to make parts out of the materials this system can produce.

The U.S. Department of Defense has awarded the unique and patented metal 3D printing technology of the Spanish multinational metal additive manufacturing leader solutions Meltio, which means the recognition as a “strategic technology partner” in the current and future development plans of that country in the military and security field. This is the first time that a Spanish company has received this award in the field of additive manufacturing, which allows printing and repairing parts using 3D printing, solving possible logistical problems and providing manufacturing autonomy and  improving the supply chains of parts in the defense sector.

This award consolidates Meltio’s relationship with the U.S. Army and increases its possibilities of having a relationship with other U.S. defense departments and also with armies of other countries.

Meltio’s goal is to become a technological reference in 3D printing of metal by welding wire (known as DED, directed energy deposition for the creation of metal parts layer by layer by laser fused deposition).

Ángel Llavero López de Villalta, CEO of Meltio, said: “The award we have received is a recognition to Meltio’s professionals and gives reliability to our technology. For us, the military sector is a sector that allows us to bring together all the applications of our disruptive metal 3D printing technology. And it is an opportunity for Meltio to develop a dual application for the civil and military sector. Our technology has the potential to transform different sectors thanks to metal additive manufacturing such as supply chains, logistics, repair and manufacturing of metal parts compared to other conventional techniques such as forging and machining. There are currently many armies in other countries that have Meltio’s metal additive manufacturing technology and we want to stand out as a strategic and technological partner for the military sector, also in Spain”.

The U.S. Department of Defense has recognized Meltio and Phillips Corporation’s system:

“This is a technology with a very robust capability for fabrication and for near net shape part production. It offers a very valuable approach that uses standard welding wire that is already available in U.S. Department of Defense manufacturing environments, a coil of wire can be made into a near net shape for any part, thus avoiding the need for large stocks of shapes/forms/sizes of raw material.”

xTechInternational Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Award

Meltio together with its U.S. distributor Phillips Corporation have received the prestigious recognition of the U.S. Army xTechInternational Advanced Manufacturing and Materials, which brings together a forum of international companies and academic institutions and where more than 300 technology companies from different countries participate.

The aim of the award is to involve the best technology players from around the world, in this case in the 3D printing sector, to contribute their solutions to the U.S. Department of Defense and participate in the development of its Defense program. This year’s thematic area was Advanced Manufacturing and Materials.

This award consolidates Meltio as a reliable strategic and technological partner in the defense sector, not only in the United States but also in Spain and the rest of the world.

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