Time for manufacturers to get even smarter


While many manufacturers have embarked on a journey of digital transformation on their factory floors, comparatively few have applied the same thought process to their business structure. 

Vpod, a designer and creator of smart technologies for next-generation workplaces, is now targeting manufacturing facilities, providing solutions for their people and visitors to make the most effective use of their time. 

Determined to make life easier for its customers, Vpod’s technology combines human and machine elements to automate routine tasks. By connecting workplace technology and creating a digital ecosystem of processes and workflows, Vpod enhances experience while simultaneously addressing key organisational objectives such as improving efficiency and implementing cost-effective processes.

By definition, a Vpod workplace is an area powered by intelligent, responsive and intuitive technology. It’s a workplace that is collaborative, connected and ensures people have the tools and resources they need to be productive. Moreover, it provides insights and data so that leaders can best understand their environment and how it is used.

Among the principal elements of a connected Vpod workspace is Vgreet, a premium end-to-end visitor management solution that provides and connects workplace services to help manufacturers deliver a great visitor experience.

With intuitive and intelligent technology, ‘Vgreet for Employees Self Service’ connects all facilities and resources for people using the workspace, making them quickly visible, accessible and ready on demand. Features include ‘wayfinding’, helping new or current employees – along with visitors – find their way around a manufacturing facility safely and easily. Engineers can also use the system to book rooms, desks and even multi-purpose smart lockers. Importantly, Vgreet can integrate with any third-party software featuring an open API.

There are many system benefits, not least the ability to support hybrid working and create an agile workplace. Productivity also receives a boost as users can access all on-site resources and facilities via a single employee service point. Put simply, engineers can execute their daily tasks more efficiently and quickly. 

Vpod recently installed a Vgreet Visitor Management solution at Mitie’s head office in The Shard, London. Some might wonder why they are reading this in a manufacturing magazine; well, Vpod is ready to overhaul how manufacturing does ‘Smart’.

Surely smart should start in the workplace? And by workplace Vpod means any area that a staff member, engineer or business-to-business visitor enters or travels through.

As workplaces re-open after the COVID pandemic, the number of external guests visiting premises has of course started to increase. The features that Vgreet deliver, not only help to deliver a more seamless guest arrival experience, but provide a safer way of managing guests.

Visitors automatically receive information about site regulations and social distancing guidelines ahead of their visit. On arrival, guests/engineers can self-check-in using their QR code, with their pass printed automatically from the Vgreet screen. Therefore, little to no direct contact is needed from the reception team.

Employee experience. By introducing an automated self-check-in solution like Vgreet, it provides support in managing any guest queues that may form during peak times or at large events. For employees, having two-way smart notifications where they can directly update their guest on when they will be collected from reception is a great addition. Also, employees have found having their guest’s picture on the check-in very useful, so they can recognise him or her without having to ask the reception team.

Mitie and Vpod have enjoyed a very successful partnership due to the alignment of visions, simply making the workplace experience the very best it can be.

“From initial planning, right through to configuration and system launch, the team at Vpod could not have been more helpful; they always go out of their way to make sure it’s a success,” says Phillip Dearden, Director of Signature, Mitie FOH Services. “The support that both myself and my team have received has been absolutely fantastic.”

Vpod already has a stellar list of blue-chip clients in the corporate world. The time has now arrived for forward-thinking manufacturers to join the Vpod revolution.

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