The solution for grinding accuracy through machine spindle repairs


Thanks to its new partnership with KW Abrichttec GmbH, Master Abrasives can now offer more complete solutions for grinding applications and services to other processes, such as milling, alongside its established range of reliable, high-quality precision engineered dressing tools. The company now offers bespoke machine spindles for grinding and dressing, high-quality spindle repair services and unique systems for diamond roller mounting.

Any machine tool is only as good as the sum of its constituent parts: the accuracy, design and integration of those parts produces the tolerances, productivity and consistency required of any process – particularly grinding. The secret is to ensure these parts are maintained and serviced to the highest standard for an accurate, long life. One of the key parts of any machine tool is the main spindle and Master Abrasives’ partnership with KW can offer machine tool owners and users a service and repair facility of the highest quality.


The process begins with the spindles being returned to KW headquarters where they are stripped and cleaned for a full assessment of what exactly is required to bring the spindle back to its former glory. A fully detailed itemised quote is then presented to the customer so there is complete clarity on what work needs to be carried out, what parts need replacing and the cost of this work. Once accepted, the KW team begin the precise work of bringing the spindle back to an “as good as new” condition.


Whilst Master Abrasives is well known for its abrasives offering and will offer support to their extensive customer base in the grinding field, KW can also repair milling and machine centre spindles. Master and its team are happy to support this work and see this as another opportunity with their key partners to offer a “solution for industry”.


Paul Batson, our Managing Director, commented: “The relationship between our two companies is a perfect fit, allowing us to offer high-quality dressing spindles and a complete spindle repair service for any spindle, not just grinding spindles – this complementing our Master range of abrasives as well as our own range of dressing products. Our applications engineering team is looking forward to working with customers on their processes to improve productivity and spindle longevity.

“I’m also very pleased to add we will be representing KW Spindles in Poland via our sister company. Slawomir Klisiewicz, our National Sales Manager for Master Abrasives Polska, has already received the training required to support Polish customers with machine spindle and repair service queries.”

Master will be able to offer new spindle products and services to the UK, Ireland, Poland and Mexico with this new partnership.

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