The Fastest Just Got Even Faster


The Nakamura-Tome range of multi-tasking turning centres is renowned for being the fastest and most productive family of turn/mill centres on the market, but now, the fastest has just got even faster. The launch of the new Nakamura-Tome NTY3-100V that is now available from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) can reduce cycle times by more than 30% over its industry-leading predecessor.

The new multitasking NTY3-100V is the second instalment of the V series, following the WY-100V announced last July. The new V series has speed at the core of its design concept, and this starts with the incorporation of Nakamura’s ChronoCut technology. This groundbreaking innovation reduces the idle time between operations with a multitude of new technologies introduced to significantly increase production speed. The ChronoCut software shortens idle times during machining without changing the machining conditions or impacting the accuracy of the machine.

As standard, the twin spindle Nakamura NTY3-100V includes Y-axis capabilities on all 3 tooling turrets that take processing capabilities to an entirely new level with balanced left and right spindle machining. This is further enhanced by simultaneous upper and lower turret machining that reinforces the unparalleled production levels of this next-generation machine.

As a three-turret machine, the NTY3-100V can accommodate up to 72 tools. By pre-setting tools for two or three different component types beforehand, there is no need to change cutting tool setups for processing a multitude of different workpieces. Moreover, adjusting the turret balancing time between the left and right spindles and utilising the lower turret for centre support, processing flexibility and speed can be taken to a new level.

Commenting upon the arrival of the new flagship NTY3-100V multitasking lathe with three turrets, Nakamura-Tome CEO Shogo Nakamura says: “In recent years, there has been a significant increase in demand for multitasking lathes that can take manufacturers from blank materials to finished products in one machine. Industries with high growth potential such as EVs, semiconductors, construction machinery and robotic parts are also paying great attention to this ability to move from blank to finished part in one hit.”

“Within this context, many customers want automated processing of high-precision workpieces while ensuring high and flexible production volumes. On top of that, we are determined to deliver the clear value of incredibly fast cycle time and setup time reductions. The NTY3-100V provides this, and we have incorporated feedback and opinions from various internal departments and customers in its development. This machine will certainly cut the burden of manufacturing in your workplace.”

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