Starrag packs a high-end HMC into a small footprint


To accommodate the diverse needs of the marketplace, Starrag Heckert has now introduced its new H Compact Series of horizontal machining centres. The benefits of horizontal machining centres can sometimes be overshadowed by the sizeable footprint of the machines in comparison to their vertical counterparts – with the H Compact Series, Starrag Heckert delivers the benefits of a horizontal with a compact footprint that will appeal to manufacturers.

Looking at the merits of the new H Compact machines, Lee Scott from Starrag says: “The new machines are called ‘Compact’ as they have a very compact size. They are horizontal machines which denote the ‘H’ and they are fitted with a trunnion table with 5-axis capability that provides an impressive X-axis range. We can also incorporate a high-speed table on the machine for turning – this configuration gives us the ‘T’ range. In its basic guise, it is a twin pallet horizontal machining centre with a monobloc mineral cast material base that is very vibration-absorbent and also very stiff. The machine design is like a giant bathtub where all the chips fall straight out of the work area and take all of the heat with them. The column then sits on the base with linear rails and a direct measuring system across the whole of the machine that delivers exceptional accuracy and optimal cutting conditions.”

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