Spanish prime minister visit MELTIO facilities Wire-Laser metal 3D printing technology


 The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, visited the Meltio  factory in Linares (Jaén). Accompanied by the CEO, Angel Llavero and authorities from Linares and Jaén, he was able to witness the enormous importance and diversity of Meltio’s unique wire-metal 3D printing technology.

He set up the MeltioM450 metal 3D printer and  also learned how our wire welding laser head is able to create very reliable metal parts that assists the automotive, aerospace, mining, oil and gas, defense and many other industries to manufacture and repair metal parts.

This helps them gain efficient productivity, manufacturing autonomy and efficiency. And Mr president  learned firsthand how the unique laser 3D printing head is integrated with a CNC machine and a robotic arm.

“Meltio  are revolutionizing the way of manufacturing! We continue to move forward from Linares to the whole world.” commented David Martínez Reygaza, PR & Comms manager

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