Seco partners with Instagram influencer Swemachinist


Seco has taken another leap in the company’s efforts to share knowledge about the many possibilities in machining by announcing a new partnership with Swemachinist, a well-known Instagram content creator.

Daniel Jansson runs the Instagram account Swemachinist, with more than 100,000 followers. He is a highly skilled CNC operator and machinist, and his videos and comments draw a lot of interest in the machining community.

“We have had our eyes on Swemachinist for a long time due to his genuine love for our brand and the fantastic and engaging content he creates on social media. We are absolutely thrilled about this collaboration,” says Alessia Brugin, Global Social Media Manager at Seco.

Daniel Jansson is equally excited. “For me, Seco has always been a go-to toolmaker. I’ve used their tools every day for years, and for good reasons. I’m genuinely happy to get the opportunity to work closely with a company that shares my passion for the machining world.”



Mutual benefits

Collaborations between machining industry companies and influencers like Swemachinist are still rare and relatively unexplored.

At Seco, this opportunity has entailed working out completely new strategies and approaches, the goal being to provide added value to customers and other stakeholders, as well as the Swemachinist followers. “Having Daniel Jansson as our ambassador will help us showcase our brand in the right way and give customers access to more useful content. He is incredibly talented and is the perfect ambassador for us with his positive messages, thoughtful content, and values,” states Alessia Brugin.

Daniel Jansson agrees: “Seco offers excellent quality and innovation, and this collaboration will provide value to our respective communities. It will benefit not only me, but also my followers, as I will be able to present new cutting-edge solutions. I have already made great connections with many of the Seco specialists, and it makes me very happy to work with such engaging and driven employees who take as much pride in their work as I do.”

Facilitating agency

The groundbreaking collaboration was facilitated by the Swedish influencer marketing agency Dolk Agency. “Their expertise and strategic guidance have been instrumental, and their ongoing support will ensure the partnership’s success,” says Alessia Brugin.

The collaboration between Seco and Swemachinist launched today and will last for six months.

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