New wire insert range of taps & threadformers from ITC


Following the publication of its latest threading and tapping catalogue, Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) is now delighted to announce the arrival of a raft of new threading products that include the new series of EG Metric Wire Insert Taps & Thread Formers.

With wire inserts or helicoils increasingly used in industry in instances where vibration can generate excessive thread wear, ITC has now launched its new wire insert thread formers to support manufacturers. In the transport industry where excessive vibration can disrupt the integrity of a thread in high-value components, such as aerospace engine casings, train and rail components – manufacturers are increasingly applying wire inserts in favour of re-manufacturing costly components. This is where the ITC thread formers serve manufacturers.

Included in the ITC range of Wire Insert Taps are the new EG Metric HSSE-PM Spiral Flute and Spiral Point taps which are manufactured from HSS powdered metal HSSE-PM, to increase performance and longevity whilst delivering a perfect thread form. The new HSSE-PM Wire Insert Spiral Flute and Spiral Point taps are manufactured to a 6HX tolerance and the dimensions are in accordance with DIN 371/376. The Spiral flute series is available from M2 through to M20 with an overall length from 50 to 160mm depending upon the selected thread. The new Issue 7 of the ITC tapping and threading catalogue has details of all Spiral Point, Spiral Flute and the Wire Insert Thread Formers.

In the impressive new threading catalogue, ITC has also identified the respective drill required for each thread. Simplifying the selection process for the end-user, the new publication has the appropriate drill diameter in both 3XD and 5XD with corresponding catalogue pricing. So, if you want to produce threaded holes in preparation for wire inserts, you can download the new catalogue from the ITC website at or you can speak to an ITC representative for more information on the extensive product lines that are available.

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