New High-speed Spindle From DMG MORI


The range of speedMASTER high-performance spindles, manufactured in-house by DMG MORI for its machining centres, has increased with the addition of a model capable of continuous operation at up to 30,000 rpm.

It is designed for high-speed milling applications and may be factory fitted or retrofitted to the company’s horizontal and vertical machining centres, such as the NHX 4000/5000 3rd Generation and NVX 5000 2nd Generation as well as the monoBLOCK series.

Previously the spindles were only available in 15,000 rpm and 20,000 rpm versions. The new speedMASTER 30k is ideal for reducing cycle times and, due to its rigid construction, achieving high surface quality during mould and die work, for example. It is also well suited to machining complex workpieces with small-diameter tools, such as in the electronics industry.

In a comparative test, 4,000 holes of 1 mm diameter were drilled into a semiconductor machinery component in a cycle time 36 percent shorter than the 20,000 rpm spindle took to complete the job. Tool wear was also significantly less. Additionally, quicker machining times reduce overall power consumption and hence CO2 emissions.

While achieving fine surface finishes is one of the spindle’s attributes, so also is roughing at lower speeds, with 22 kW of power available between 7,000 and 15,000 rpm. All MASTER spindles are covered by a warranty of 36 months.

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