New facility to drive a revolution in green electric transport


A £40 million research facility that will drive forward advances in powerful, clean electrification technology and pave the way towards a new generation of low-carbon, sustainable electric vehicles, power and propulsion is to be unveiled by the University of Nottingham.

The state-of-the-art Power Electronics and Machines Centre (PEMC) on the university’s Jubilee Campus was opened by the university’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Shearer West, in June.
The PEMC offers purpose-built laboratories for the Power Electronics, Machines and Control research group, the largest such group of researchers in the world, and sits at the heart of the university’s commitment to establishing Nottingham and the East Midlands as a hub for the translation of net zero technologies from research bench to real world solutions.

The building is also home to the Government-funded Driving the Electric Revolution Industrialisation Centre – Midlands, which is developing innovative technology and manufacturing processes for advanced electrical machines and drives to support the UK’s net zero ambitions, and houses the 20MW UK Electrification of Aerospace Propulsion Facility, which offers industry testing at a scale unrivalled by any other research centre in the world.

The facility is funded by UK Research Partnership Investment Fund, Wolfson Foundation, DER, D2N2 and industry partners.

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