New capacitive contact discharge stud welder


GYS, the largest manufacturer of welding equipment in Europe, has introduced a new stud welder to its range, the CAPATEK 66.

The CAPATEK 66, made in France, is an industrial stud welder with capacitive contact discharge, capable of welding a wide range of studs in steel, stainless steel, aluminium, and brass to thin sheet metal. Its ergonomic contact gun, with adjustable force and trigger, ensures ultra-fast and accurate welds. Featuring advanced technology, its minimal penetration produces clean welds without marking or deforming the material.

“The CAPATEK 66 is an exciting edition to the GYS welding range,” said Neil Burton – Divisional Manager. “With its speed, precision, and user-friendly features, it is a great choice for top-tier efficiency and accuracy in stud welding.”

It has an intuitive and user-friendly design, while delivering maximum performance. With a 66mF capacitor discharge and recharge time between 0 and 5 seconds, it can rapidly weld a wide choice of stud sizes, from M3 to M8. Compatible stud lengths are 6 – 40 mm.

The contact gun features several designs that improve efficiency and usability. Force adjustment allows the user to select a force between 25 N and 100 N, and features a cover to prevent inadvertent adjustments. The trigger control allows for simple control of welding actions. Unique to the market, the CAPATEK 66 features a bright LED light, capable of illuminating the welding zone. The LED light also acts as an error indicator and stud counter for added convenience.

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