Mould making at EMKA for injection moulding of plastics and metals


EMKA recently announced that they are one of the top three mould makers in Europe – Producing 900 moulds a year for plastic injection, e.g. polyamide/glass and Grivery, as well as zinc and aluminium die casting. This is especially of interest to UK companies because of the many advantages to having a European tool maker now that re-shoring is a viable economic choice.

These local advantages include the requirements of development, servicing, adjustment, changing to accommodate new features, changing of injected material, repair in service and any correction that may be required. Naturally EMKA build tooling for their own production but they also include well-known industry giants such as Hella, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche and Fischer Sports (ski).

75 experienced engineers at EMKA are engaged in development, design and CNC programming of high-quality tooling for testing on their own machines under full production conditions. Their output includes moulds for plastic injection moulding, zinc and aluminium die-casting, multi-component moulds (2K), moulds for internal gas pressure processes and moulds for IML foils. Complex moulds for insert injection moulding are handled, as well as Zinc die casting moulds – hot runner technology is catered for, as is punch deburring. The EMKA mould program includes pre-series moulds for all materials and family tools for small quantities all supported with a guaranteed service life.

EMKA UK sales engineers provide an experienced on-site link to UK manufacturing in order to manage the information flow and ensure correct progress from concept, through samples to sign off and full-scale production which may also be at the EMKA facility.

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