Master Abrasives thanks its partners after a decade of independence


Having recently celebrated it’s 10-year anniversary of being an independent, UK-owned abrasive company, Master Abrasives’ team is starting the year thankful grateful for the part that suppliers have played in the company’s success story so far.

In the same way that Master Abrasives invested to build on rapid growth in it’s early years, the company has kept expanding its product portfolio to include a range of options for varying customer needs. It’s partners in abrasives have always supported the company’s development, meaning that Master can offer not only industry’s latest abrasive technology, but production of the highest quality abrasive belts from premium brands of raw material.

Alongside it’s consumables, Master Abrasives can offer a complete managed stock agreement via it’s partner’s vending machines. These can be used to cost-effectively dispense a wide range of industrial consumables on-site, reducing customer expenses by up to 30% and eliminating downtime.

It’s partnership with BAF also means that the company can offer safe use of abrasives training to support customer’s businesses, helping the workforce to select and use abrasives and tools correctly, reduce the risk of accidents and keep employees safe.

Since the launch of the Master Tool Services department in 2007, the team have been offering new, innovative brands of power tools to meet customer needs. Master can rely on the quality of their partners’ tools and their ongoing support to offer the key tool services and repair required by hundreds of companies in the UK.  Customers can also keep tools in top condition with managed maintenance and protect employees against ill-health from Hand Arm Vibration.

After Master became an independent, UK-owned company, being purchased by the current owners, their own brand was officially launched and in 2016, the Master® trademark was registered in the UK and EU. This brand has been worked on by Master Abrasives technical team for years and improvements are continually made on consumables that are technically capable and marketable globally. With products from mounted points to precision grinding wheels, the brand fits excellently alongside so many of Master Abrasives’ key partners in abrasives, power tools and machinery.

In 2016, Master Abrasives final piece of the puzzle, machinery and equipment, was set up as a business unit. The company’s goal is to offer a complete grinding solution at cost-effective prices, from abrasive tape superfinishing attachments to high-precision surface grinders. It’s partners in this category support Master in offering related products such as vibratory mass finishing machines, superfinishing spindles, metrology equipment and auxiliary equipment like coolant nozzles. The company has been able to exhibit it’s array of machinery solutions to industry at manufacturing’s most prestigious events.

Paul Batson, Master Abrasives Managing Director for the past nine years, commented, “we have gone through a lot of changes to become a strong, independent abrasive company with a solid brand identity and couldn’t have done it without the support of our partners. To mention them all wouldn’t be possible, but I believe that their support has helped us to achieve a marketing orientated approach to running a business – listening to customers and engaging with them to work together on a solution or improvement in their productivity.”

Some fifty-five years after its formation, Master Abrasives is celebrating a great milestone in their history: ten years of being an independent company in control of its own business future. The fact that Master is still thriving and looking for new opportunities is testament to the company’s resilience and foresight as well as the quality of its dedicated workforce and management team. Master continues to look forward with optimism to maintain it’s reputation for excellent customer service, high-quality products, engineering support and technical development.

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