Master Abrasives announces two new partnerships


Master Abrasives has announced two new partnerships at the start of 2023 which will bring new opportunities to further enhance their product offering: MVK-line GmbH power tools and UVA LIDKÖPING AB grinding machines.

MVK-line GmbH develops and produces precision spindles and controllers, their equipment is designed and built with sophisticated technology, reliability and ergonomic design. Their tools have been an essential part of the aerospace industry for many well-known customers since 2006 in areas such as engine technology. The Airliner-ONE deburrer, for example, was developed in Germany in close cooperation with the aerospace industry to guarantee clean ground points, as well as deburring small holes in the aircraft with ultimate flexibility, being lightweight and battery powered.  They have already visited the UK and carried out training, assessed Master’s tool service department to become a repair facility and made joint customer visits.

Andy Wright, Master Abrasives’ National Sales and Business Development Manager, stated: “this is a really exciting addition to our portfolio that will allow us to offer customers a fully supported, high-quality precision spindles for various applications and also offer potential energy savings over pneumatic tools. Anyone wanting a demonstration should contact us.”

UVA LIDKÖPING AB is a worldwide leading global supplier of high-precision grinding machines with a main manufacturing unit and headquarters in Lidköping, Sweden.

“As their current UK representative retires, the opportunity for Master and UVA to form a partnership seemed an ideal scenario,” stated Ian Meredith, Master’s Machine Tool Division Manager. “Having installed more than 10,000 machines around the world over 120 years, they continually make innovative improvements to provide accuracy, efficiency and reliability in applications within the fuel injection industry, bearing and other high precision grinding application areas.”

With a wide variety of industries that will hugely benefit from these partnerships and improving manufacturing efficiency, it’s the perfect time to provide more cost-effective solutions.

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