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Chloe Reynolds, The Sempre Group

 Graduating in digital film production, Chloe Reynolds could probably not foresee a successful career in the manufacturing industry. She tells Machinery & Manufacturing about her remarkable journey

Studying digital film production at university seems a long way from where Chloe Reynolds is now, but in reality there are similarities with her current role as a Product Specialist at precision engineering and metrology specialist, The Sempre Group.

“It might seem completely unrelated to anything I do today, but I love film and always say it’s about life skills,” she says. “At university I was writing scripts, editing, building a story and pitching film ideas. It loosely translates because today I tell a narrative that conveys a product to generate excitement among adopters.”

Post-university, Chloe found herself in a role that later was to prove highly useful: selling energy contracts. “It wasn’t much fun but it was a good introduction to sales. I learnt how to get through to people, how to sell and how to close. We had very demanding KPIs, which has certainly helped me understand the pressures of production personnel meeting targets.”

In 2016 she had an interview with The Sempre Group, then Metrology Direct, where everything clicked into place, albeit with some fast learning.

“I was the company’s first foray into business development and I discovered that my phone skills would come in really handy.”

Chloe soon became The Sempre Group’s Head of Business Development with responsibility for a team of four. However, now in her early 30s and recently returned from maternity leave, she has seen her business development role evolve.

“Today I work directly with our area sales managers to help maintain customer relationships and move things forward quicker. It’s far more than just business development now.”


Chloe’s focus area is continuous improvement, backed up by training in lean manufacturing (Lean Six Sigma Green Belt) and 5S. Among her product responsibilities is Arkite, an innovative operator guidance platform that projects real-time work instructions in front of operators to help increase the efficiency while reducing human error and training time.

“The Sempre Group completely supports my career progression. I feel really valued here: I’m even ‘Star of the Month’ in our latest newsletter.”

From screen star to lean star, it seems.

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