ITC Introduces E-Commerce Website


Industrial Tooling Corporation Ltd (ITC) has now launched a new company website.  The new online platform expands upon the previous website with enhanced accessibility to the exponentially growing product lines and most importantly, an e-commerce platform.

The informative and easy-to-navigate platform now provides a comprehensive e-commerce platform where manufacturers can create an account and place orders, browse through stock and see everything the Tamworth manufacturer has to offer. By creating an account, customers will be able to return to their designated portal where they can check order history and review the status of existing orders as well as pay invoices.

It is fast and simple to sign up for an account on the new ITC website and once registered, engineers can view and edit current orders, view and re-order historical items, print off and pay invoices through a range of payment methods and even create a ‘wish list’ for rapid navigation to preferred product lines. The streamlined system also provides a part finder, a quick order feature for customers to enter product codes and much more. The new platform will also make the Tamworth business more visible to customers using mobile platforms than ever before whilst giving engineers the facility to order tools ‘on the go’.

The new website incorporates all of ITC’s leading product lines as well as the extensive indexable tooling and high-precision product lines from brands such as BIG KAISER and Widia. Commenting upon the new online platform, ITC’s Georgia Graves says: “The business continues to grow significantly, and the new website reflects how engineers’ browsing and ordering patterns and behaviours are evolving. More than ever, manufacturers want to order products online via an easy-to-navigate platform that provides simple payment methods as well as the ability to track orders, stock availability and more. With our new website, we are providing engineers with the facility to browse our comprehensive product portfolio and then purchase through a user-friendly, informative platform that makes all products and brands easy to access. Not only does the new website achieve this, but it conforms to all online regulations with regard to accessibility and visibility for mobile and disability users. This means that ‘all’ customers can now view and select their favourite products from anywhere.”

The new-look web platform also hosts all of ITC’s product catalogues that can be downloaded or viewed online. The website also incorporates a comprehensive content management system where ITC will upload product offers and company news with remarkable speed and deliver it directly to your mobile or desktop device via ITC’s social media links. To find out more about our products and services, take a look around the new website.

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