Intelligent Solutions


In addition to classic signal devices, Werma (UK) offers intelligent solutions that make Industry 4.0 immediately implementable. Independent of other systems and easy to retrofit, they can be used immediately out of the box. Call and signal systems allow problems at manual workstations to be reported quickly and easily and they control access to doors and gates.

Other solutions with monitoring software quickly and clearly detect weak points in production, while to uncover hidden potential in manufacturing, the systems are able to measure unproductive times, whether at manual or automated work stations or even in dispatch. A central control station collects statuses from all workstations and machines.

Among the process monitoring equipment to be showcased by Werma will be the latest WeAssist system. The new cloud-based solution notifies process activities to multiple users via a browser interface. Complementing this, the company offers the user-configurable WirelessAndon for simple, flexible call-and-response to help optimise processes. Optional battery operation makes the system suitable for mobile platforms, extending applications to, for example, fork lift trucks.

There will also be on the stand the new eSIGN programmable signal towers, which provide visual information in an intuitive format, allowing easy visual management of manufacturing operations.

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