Increase productivity with bespoke production processes


Inventex, who exhibited on Innovation Alley at the recent Manufacturing & Engineering Week are a visionary bespoke design and manufacturing company that works in partnership with clients to identify pain points and challenges
in their warehouse or workshop environment.

Inventex spend time to truly understand production lines and processes and use their expertise to recommend modifications and adaptations
to create more efficient methods, focusing on efficiency, ultimately saving time and money.

Driven by a passion for redefining workshop functionality, Inventex brings a fresh perspective to the world of industrial design. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, industry expertise, and a keen eye for detail, the company delivers custom-made hardware solutions that optimise
workflows, reduce downtime to as low as 0%, increase safety measures, and save clients valuable time and money.

Inventex’s consultative approach with each client aims to address pain points and challenges specific to their environment. By thoroughly understanding the unique requirements of every commercial setting, the team at Inventex designs tailor-made solutions that effectively solve these issues. Whether it’s streamlining processes, improving equipment layouts, or enhancing safety measures, Inventex’s innovative
designs are meticulously crafted to yield tangible benefits.

The company’s dedication to reducing downtime is a hallmark of its approach. Through careful analysis and intelligent design, Inventex creates efficient workflows that minimise operational disruptions. By optimising space utilisation and providing ergonomic solutions, Inventex helps clients achieve seamless operations with minimal downtime, saving significant resources and improving productivity.

Inventex places a strong emphasis on safety. By identifying potential hazards and developing innovative solutions, the company helps clients create safer working environments. Inventex’s designs integrate safety features and utilise durable materials to mitigate risks, protect personnel, and reduce accidents.

Founder Darren Howton, comments: “Our focus on addressing pain points, reducing downtime, and enhancing safety sets
us apart in the industry. By leveraging our expertise and passion for innovation, we aim to deliver exceptional results that save our clients time, money, and foster a safer work environment.”

Inventex’s comprehensive range of design and manufacturing services includes workspace optimisation, ergonomic design, modular systems, innovative storage solutions, and the integration of sustainable materials.

For more information about Inventex and its bespoke design and manufacturing services contact [email protected]

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