Improved Surface Conditioning Usability for Aerospace Customer


Resolving issues for clients is of high importance in our industry. Tyrolit were recently approached by two separate customers, to provide a solution on an existing process’ where the customers suffer from two crucial issues – supply problems from their current supplier and poor lifetime of the product due to belt joints failing.

Using Tyrolit product Bibielle X-Flex, our Aerospace Machining customer ran back to back tests against their current product, in order to try to resolve quality issues they had been experiencing.

The outcome – no breakage over the useable lifetime of the belts and in addition, in comparison to the incumbent supplier, by using Bibielle X-Flex, the process achieved a 100% increase in the number of parts produced. Not only is this a hugely beneficial result but it has also saved time, ultimately proving more cost effective.

The extended benefits of Bibielle Surface Conditioning products also had the same positive impact for another Tyrolit client, a company specialising in casting of Industrial Gas Turbine Components. Similarly, this client also began trialling Bibielle X-Flex belts as they were experiencing issues during their manufacturing process, with the belts snapping, resulting in short lifecycle.

Previously the engineer would have had to hand manipulate the belt to add flexibility to the backing in an attempt to soften the backing, allowing the belt to rotate without delaminating. With the unique material of Bibielle Surface Conditioning it means the structure is quite particular, making it very flexible, which in turn allows a tighter radii on the tool and prevents delamination, resulting in the added benefit of extended product life.

The fact that Bibielle X-Flex goes straight onto the tool and is flexible from the start, allows instant “out of the box” usage. Making for not only a cost and time saving initiative, but also improved usability. Our clients have achieved a significantly improved surface finish. Equally, there have been no reported breakages on the joints during the surface conditioning process for the usable life time of the product.

There is often a need for a new solution to improve the grinding process and Tyrolit constantly thrive to assist customers overcome any obstacle. In a world that is constantly evolving, it is important to be able to adapt.

In order to position ourselves to get into new markets, in 2020 the TYROLIT Group acquired Bibielle : a leading manufacturer of high quality three-dimensional abrasive material. Now, in our 103rd year of business, we understand the methods to ensure our products, combined with the process in hand, work to the best of their ability, achieving optimal solutions for our clients.

In addition to products with improved usability and improved stock levels, we are able to provide a 10 day lead time from placing the order to delivery.

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