HAUBEX – automated vice changes from the tool magazine


Lang Technik UK has announced the launch of the ingenious HAUBEX system that is able to transform machines’ tool-magazines into highly efficient automation systems. Negating the need for expensive pallet changers, feeding systems and robots, HAUBEX allows users to effortlessly automate their machine tools and to significantly increasing the efficiency of their operations.

The cost-effective Lang Technik system provides excellent flexibility and improved planning possibilities as is it not dedicated to any one machine tool. Rather, a single HAUBEX system can be used across several machines. As no additional communication or installation procedures are required, commissioning is rapid and trouble-free. Therefore, each cost-effective system immediately begins to ‘earn its keep’, ensuring that all users receive a rapid return on their investments.

The heart of HAUBEX is a workholding hood which serves as a carrier and loading system for the clamping device that securely holds a workpiece blank. Multiple hood/clamping device arrangements are stored in the tool magazine, transferred to the machine and are automatically exchanged at the end of each machining cycle, just as tools would be routinely swapped to and from the magazine.

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