Hainbuch to Show New Technology at AMB


At the Stuttgart Messe from the 13th to the 17th September, Hainbuch will be returning to the AMB exhibition to demonstrate a host of new and established workholding technology. On Booth 1E10, the industry-leading workholding specialists will be introducing the latest innovations in flexible, powerful, precise and rigid workholding technology

With an unfathomable depth of products for milling, turning and stationary applications, Hainbuch will be showcasing the MANOK Plus system at AMB. This extended variant of the groundbreaking manual MANOK stationary chuck differs through the use of adaptation elements. With the MANOK Plus system, many more clamping possibilities are now available in combination with the MANDO Adapt mandrel-in-chuck or the jaw module for even larger clamping diameters.

The Manok workholding system is ideal for 5-axis machining and stationary workholding applications as the chuck operates with a pull-back action, so components are positively pulled against any internal stop to give incredible power and rigidity whilst reducing vibration during heavy-duty milling operations. To improve set-up and changeover times, the Manok incorporates a manual changing fixture that changes the clamping heads quickly and easily in a couple of seconds. In addition, customers can mount an end-stop inside the Manok in no time at all by simply fastening the inside end-stop directly onto your machine tool table or by mounting a front end-stop on the face of the clamping taper.

The Manok is versatile and simple to operate and its application range is almost limitless. The Manok can be applied to milling machines and CNC machining centres, CMMs, pallet clamping applications, broaching machines, angle plates and indexable heads, grinding machines, drilling machines and even used as a fixed desktop assembly station.

As well as the Manok and Manok Plus, Hainbuch will be showcasing the new MANOK Plus CFK. Developed with a lightweight CFRP design, the MANOK Plus CFK enables users to save half of the weight. The lightweights are easy to set up and particularly well-suited for milling machines and machining centres with small load weights. Plus they protect machine components, which ultimately helps the machine accuracy. When loading manually or with a handling system, often the only possible solution is a lightweight stationary chuck.

Alongside the extensive Manok offering at AMB will be the Hydrok hydraulically actuated stationary chuck. The choice product for 5-axis machining or efficient multiple clamping, the Hydrok Intelligent modular system offers greater possibilities than ever before. Depending on size, the Hydrok can be used with all clamping device adaptations, such as the MANDO Adapt mandrel-in-clamping device or with the jaw module. Thus, in the future, you can also rely completely on the intelligent Hainbuch modular system, even for your stationary clamping device.

The Hydrok incorporates typical Hainbuch features such as user-friendly set-up, parallel clamping, optimal power conversion, extreme rigidity and superior holding power. With repeatability of less than 0.01mm possible, the Hydrok is ideal for 5-sided machining as well as flexible clamping scenarios such as mandrel clamping or jaw clamping thanks to the HAINBUCH modular system.

With the Hydrok and Manok systems at AMB 2022, Hainbuch will also be showcasing the Mando Mandrel system. The efficient and economical system provides extremely high clamping forces even at the smallest clamping diameters. In many cases, the jaw chuck is a makeshift solution. However, even conventional mandrels with slotted clamping sleeves quickly reach their limits in terms of accuracy, rigidity, and opening stroke. The Hainbuch segmented mandrels use state-of-the-art clamping technology that is convincing, even in the most critical applications. The Mando system offers a large clamping range from 8 to 200mm diameter whilst the vulcanised clamping elements provide exceptional vibration dampening.

Another innovation that will interest AMB visitors will be the impressive TestIT clamping force gauge system. Developed in conjunction with Siemens, the new software system is available on a data carrier for installation on Siemens CNC controllers. This means that a separate laptop is not needed and manufacturing with ‘theoretical clamping forces’ is also a thing of the past. Thanks to TestIT, the operator always knows what clamping forces exist and where. Furthermore, the operator can understand the actual maintenance status of the clamping device and when taking into account the safety standard DIN EN 1550, this package is a ‘must have’ for all machine tools running Siemens control units. To find out more about how Hainbuch can take your workholding to the next level, contact Hainbuch or come and visit us at AMB 2022 on Stand 1E10 where a world of additional new technologies will also be on show.

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