From apprentice to Managing Director


Mark Eavers, Burlow Engineering

 In conversation with Technical Editor Steed Webzell, Mark Eavers reveals his intriguing journey from apprentice to the Managing Director of Burlow Engineering

Mark Eavers describes himself as an engineer, a problem-solver and an advocate for UK manufacturing.

“As the owner of Burlow Engineering I sometimes have to pinch myself as essentially I’m still just a guy who likes to make things.” Mark Eavers realised this notable characteristic at quite a young age.

“As a schoolboy I wanted to be a vet, but upon reluctantly taking metalwork as one of my third-year options it became apparent that I was quite handy on a machine tool. The next thing I knew I was applying for a four-year apprenticeship at Dowty Rotol, a major aerospace and defence company in Gloucestershire.”

He adds: “Completing an apprenticeship like that was quite an experience, working with all the experienced hands who pass on their knowledge. It was a wonderful ‘nurturing’ environment that I would like to recreate at my own company.”

The Cold War ended in the early 1990s prompting extensive redundancies, so Mark Eavers went back to college, attaining a HND in Engineering. He subsequently worked in various roles that included a five-year spell as a Workshop Manager. Then a whole new opportunity arose.

“A good friend of mine had the chance to buy Cheltenham-based Burlow Engineering in 2012 and wanted me as his partner. Just before the pandemic Neil semi-retired, but he continues working for me part-time. I’m now the owner and Managing Director of the company, which serves sectors such as oil and gas, dental, semiconductor and industrial.”

ISO9001-accredited Burlow Engineering will shortly relocate to a new building, with Mark Eavers setting out a company future based on new machinery investment and the recruitment of vibrant young engineering talent who can maximise their potential at Burlow Engineering.

“I believe in living life with absolute integrity, where kindness and opportunity are major priorities,” he concludes. “I follow this through in the experience that my employees and customers receive. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I’ve never been so busy.”

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