Five-axis Milling Solutions from ISCAR


Recently, ISCAR unveiled a new family of segment endmills which utilize the single insert tool design principle.

It is a known fact that the accurate parameters of a single-insert tool are lower when compared to a cutter with exchangeable carbide heads, not to mention the solid carbide endmill. Precision can be compromised if we analyse how a single insert tool, with two teeth, can compete against a multi-flute SCEM or carbide head tool. To dissipate the arisen doubts about the reasonability of the single insert segment tool design, we should consider several aspects.

The single-insert tool concept facilitates cost-effectiveness by expanding the diameter range of segment mills. These cutters feature nominal diameters of 16-25 mm. A durable insert structure and highly rigid insert clamping enable increasing the feed per tooth in comparison with the feed values that are recommended for solid carbide endmills and exchangeable heads. This ensures an appropriate level of feed and speed to machine productively. When operational stability is poor, decreasing the number of teeth contributes to vibration control. Inserts mounted on the BALLPLUS tool family can transform the tool to a segment endmill by use of inserts only. ISCAR BALLPLUS tools include a diverse choice of tool bodies, adapters, and extensions, which greatly simplify tool customization. Choosing a single-insert segment tool design is now more logical and justified.

You can view the BALLPLUS Tool brochure by clicking the button.

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