Feats of engineering prove popular as ‘The Third Angle’ wins British Podcast Award


Going behind the scenes to learn about some of the world’s most fascinating engineering breakthroughs is proving very popular, with PTC’s immersive customer brand podcast securing a major title and breaking a significant milestone this month.

Hosted by PTC’s Paul Haimes, ‘The Third Angle’, aired bi-weekly, has raced to nearly 165,000 downloads in its first year, been recommended by Apple as a top listen three times, enjoyed a number two ranking in the US Apple business podcast chart, and, last night, received the ‘Gold’ medal in the Business Category at the British Podcast Awards.

It is a remarkable success for the programme that gives a voice to the engineers behind some mind-blowing projects as it transports the listener on the journey from conception to completion of their unique inventions.

To date, ‘The Third Angle’ has featured 24 different businesses, beginning with Arc founder Mark Truman, the man behind the world’s most advanced, fully electric motorcycle.

From there, the podcast has travelled the world, putting the spotlight on engineering geniuses that have produced flying cars, high-tech football helmets, lightsabers for everyday jedis and homes of the future.

“We are so passionate about the unique and inspiring products that are being developed using our solutions that we developed a global platform to give our customers around the world a voice,” explained Jacqui Cook, executive producer of the ‘Third Angle’ podcast and corporate communications director at PTC.

“Listeners are taken behind the scenes to reveal details around the development and production of today’s cutting-edge products, products that will undeniably change the world as we know it.”

She continued: “Working with our podcast agency, 18Sixty, we wanted to make the experience immersive, taking the podcast on location to where the magic happens and providing an intoxicating audio mix that gives the listener a real insight into how design challenges have been overcome and innovations have been launched.

“When we started, we were unsure what the reaction would be. In a year we’ve hit 165,000 listens, which shows there is a real appetite for hearing more about engineering, design, and the technology behind innovation.”

The ‘Third Angle’ podcast averages just over 6,500 downloads per episode, with the most popular shows being electric vehicle charging company Casio, EVBox and Atronika, inventors of Skinetic, the haptics vest that allows you to experience the Metaverse.

The podcast has also featured exciting start-ups, like UK company Dynisma.  Starting out in a small shed, they’ve quickly grown to become one of the world’s leading creators of dynamic simulators for F1 and motorsport.

Future guests include world-leading brands BAE, Marks & Spencer, Jabra and Vestas.

Jacqui concluded: “In addition to telling captivating stories that push the boundaries of innovation, we hope that our podcast will also inspire the next generation of designer, inventor and engineer.”

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