ETG to Host Tube Laser Event


On the 27th of March, the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) will host a targeted Open House Event for manufacturers in the fabrication and tube manipulation sectors. The event that signifies the launch of the ETG Fabrication Division will present a host of fascinating technologies that will include the new EB-RH Series of tube bending machines from technology partner, the VLB Group.

Marking the introduction of the new business division for fabrication, ETG will provide turnkey solutions for the fabrication industry with the VLB Group as the first of many new partners to be announced. The event will provide manufacturers with an opportunity to meet Andrew Smith Hughes, the Product Manager for the Fabrication Division whilst also being able to discuss solutions and services from ETG. The new Fabrication Division will incorporate a range of technologies that include everything from tube bending, flatbed laser cutting and cold roll forming to ancillary fabrication product lines with much more to be announced imminently.

The schedule for the event will be:

Arrive – Coffee & Registration 10.00
Introduction to ETG’s Fabrication Division 10.30
Advantages of VLB Tube bending machines 11.00
Live demonstration of the EB RH53 11.30
Open forum to ask further questions 12.00

At the March 27th event, engineers will have an opportunity to see VLB’s fully electric EB-RH series bending machine. The exceptional technology incorporates rotating heads, the most advanced electric motion technology on the market with 11 fully electric drive shafts and a bending head that moves 360º on a radial axis and on horizontal and vertical axes. This highly advanced system offers complete freedom of movement and allows the production of very complex parts in an automated bending cycle.

The VLB EB-RH series of machines is capable of bending pipes and profiles from 6 to 53mm with even radii up to 1D with minimal marking. The EB-RH series has a plethora of technological benefits that include the ability to bend clockwise and counterclockwise in an automatic cycle, the bending of multiple fixed and variable radii in the same cycle, fast tool changeovers, high working speed and low power consumption, axis movements controlled by servo motors with absolute encoder feedback for unsurpassed precision, simplified synchronisation and optimisation of bending cycles that are all delivered in a compact and ergonomic design for optimal operating comfort and maintenance.

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