Enabling the shift from niche to industrial applications for metal 3D printing FREE SAMPLE


A lot of benefits on the Metal AM require huge design implications to justify the capital and running costs.

Meltio delivers metal additive manufacturing solutions, with the M450 and Engine, based on a new disruptive technology named wire Laser Metal Deposition (LMD).

LMD refers to a welding process where a material is introduced into a melt pool, created by a high-power laser. LMD falls into the range of Directed Energy Deposition (DED) processes. The added material creates a weld bead which then coats the underlying metal. Compared to other types of welding, LMD results in a smaller heat-affected zone, lower dilution, and lower residual stresses in the components.

Designed for industry without the need for industrial infrastructure; affordable, reliable, safe and easy to use metal 3D printer. Ideal for small to medium size part fabrication and multi metal 3D printing research. The Meltio M450 is the first desktop printer that allows you to print Steel ER70S, Nickel 718, Stainless Steel 316L and Titanium 64.Meltio recommends printing the majority of parts with metallic welding wire – the cleanest, safest and most affordable metal feedstock on the market. Meltio’s second-generation printhead has two built-in wire feeders, allowing the Meltio products to smoothly switch between two materials within a single part. Material changes happen quickly (in less than 5 seconds), reliably and without any cross-contamination, as both feeders are driven completely independently.

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