RK International at Southern Manufacturing : Elevating Precision in UK Manufacturing with High-Precision Machine Tools


RK International Machine Tools, a resolute supporter of UK manufacturing since 1951, continues its legacy of excellence by specialising in the supply of high-precision machine tools from global best-in-class manufacturers. With a commitment to advancing precision engineering, RK International invites attendees to explore its showcase at Stand F195 during the upcoming Southern Manufacturing & Electronics show in February 2024 at the Farnborough International Exhibition Centre.

Precision Redefined: Showcasing High-Quality Machine Tools
At Stand F195, RK International proudly presents its dedication to precision with the spotlight on the Cyclematic 618 series of Precision Toolroom Lathe and the Perfect PFG-1545AH Surface Grinder.

Working alongside its long-term partner, Mid-Bucks Machine Tools, the Cyclematic 618 Series is a paragon of precision engineering. It sets the standard for toolroom lathe technology, offering a spindle runout of 0.00125mm.

Meanwhile, the Perfect PFG-1545AH Surface Grinder, boasting the toolroom standard of a 450 x 150mm grinding capacity, is tailored for optimal performance in both production and toolroom applications with its automatic downfeed control.

The first show of the Innovative Protection: Velum Extra Protection Machine Filters debut in the UK
Breaking new ground, RK International introduces the Velum Extra Protection Machine Filters for the first time in the UK. These cutting-edge filters represent a leap forward in machine protection, ensuring unparalleled precision, longevity, and reliability. Attendees are encouraged to visit Stand F195 to witness the debut of Velum Extra Protection Machine Filters and discover how this innovation elevates the reliability and performance on machine tools.

Tailored Solutions: Explore New and Used Machine Tools
RK International welcomes visitors to explore the stand, engage with industry experts, and discuss their new or used machine tool requirements and disposals. With a rich history of providing tailored solutions, RK International’s team is dedicated to assisting manufacturers in achieving precision and efficiency in their operations.

Visit Stand F195: Where Precision Meets Expertise
Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to experience RK International’s commitment to precision at Stand F195. Immerse yourself in a showcase of high-precision machine tools and discover why RK International Machine Tools has been a trusted partner in advancing UK manufacturing for over seven decades.

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