Easy, accurate Digital Boring Head setup reduces scrap


“Boring heads typically require a skilled operator for accurate adjustment,” said Seco Product Manager Kavita Dandge. “For shops struggling with skilled labour shortages, the Digital Axial Boring Heads use a reversible digital display so operators of any level can make adjustments without mistakes.”

Quick and easy setup with Seco Digital Boring Head

Cutting edge displacement is critical to boring accuracy. Seco Axiabore and Axiabore Plus Digital Axial Boring Heads use a digital device to display precise displacement values during tool setup. This wide display works with all Seco Digital Axial Boring Heads, and reverses for clear visibility inside a machine tool.

Without a digital device, boring head setup requires time-consuming adjustments of tiny hard-to-read scales. Seco Axiabore and Axiabore Plus Digital Axial Boring Heads allow for clear and concise adjustments to virtually eliminate human error. With a wide, easy-to-read display and convenient button controls, the Seco digital head also shortens setup times for greater efficiency and productivity.



Contaminant-free operation and easy recharging
For maximum versatility, the Seco digital adjustment device uses no batteries, charges via USB and attaches to the boring head with magnets for a tight seal. The elimination of replaceable batteries prevents contamination during battery changes. The battery-free design of Seco Axiabore and Axiabore Plus Digital Axial Boring Heads remains sealed to keep dust and coolant out, and the Digital Display’s single charge lasts for 200 measurements.

Versatile tool sizes and connections*
Seco offers the Axiabore and Axiabore Plus Digital Axial Boring Heads in five sizes for outstanding
versatility. The diameters match the Seco analog axial tool range, starting from diameter 2mm. The heads handle OD turning diameters from 2 mm to 57 mm (0.078″ to 2.24″) and grooving diameters from 19 mm to 96 mm (0.75″ to 3.78″).

Provided with Graflex® , Seco-Capto™ and HSK-A63 connections, the boring heads generate holes with IT5 diameter precision and Ra 0.6 surface finishes. Axiabore heads handle fine boring diameters from 2 mm to 20 mm (0.078″ to 0.78″). For diameters from 6 mm to 108 mm (0.236″ to 4.25″), select Axiabore Plus multi purpose heads.

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