Dugard Introduce New MYLAS Turning Centres


Last month, Dugard Machine Tools announced that it is now the UK sales partner for MYLAS machine tools. As one of the UK’s premier machine tool suppliers, Dugard is delighted to introduce the first range of machines available from MYLAS – the DT Series of twin-spindle twin-turret multi-tasking turning centres.

With a company strapline of ‘Turning Precision into Perfection’, it is easy to understand how MYLAS machine tools epitomise this with the DT Series of high-end turn/mill centres that are perfect for one-hit machining of everything from the most simple to complex of components. With three machines in the series, the DT42, DT52 and DT65 that all signify the main spindle bar capacity of 42, 52 and 65mm, the MYLAS DT Series demonstrates remarkable stability throughout with a stress-relieved Meehanite casting that dampens vibration. Complementing this are oversized precision ground boxways on all axes and a heavy-duty spindle that generates remarkable surface finishes and lightning-fast linear axis movements.

Built upon this foundation block of stability and rigidity is a machine series that offers power and versatility with twin spindles and twin turrets with impressive back machining credentials. At the front spindle is a BMT45 12-station turret that can accommodate up to 24 tools. The main spindle generates 7.5/11kW of power and the bi-directional driven tool turret with FANUC Alpha motors can achieve driven tooling speeds up to 6,000rpm with 20bar high-pressure coolant and higher pressures to 100bar as an option.

For back-working, the DT Series has a VDI 25 8-station sub-turret and a sub-spindle that can undertake super-imposed machining to obliterate excessive cycle times for the most productive of machine shops. Furthermore, the sub-turret has a host of options that include a power turret, servo turret or hydraulic turret – emphasising the variety of options available with this class-leading brand. The sub-spindle generates 3.7/5.5kW of power with a 32mm diameter through bore. With a total capacity of up to 32 tools, this multi-tasking centre is an advanced machine designed for the precision machining of complex parts in a single set-up.

From a specification perspective, the DT42, DT 52 and DT65 have a swing over the saddle of 260mm with a maximum bar turning length of 135 and 150mm on the main spindle with 60mm on the sub-spindle that provides a maximum turning length of 350mm. Axis travel is 175mm on X1/X2 axes with 240mm on the sub-spindle whilst Z1/Z2 travel is 450 and 500mm respectively with +/-35mm in the Y-axis.

As standard, the exciting new MYLAS DT Series is supplied with a FANUC CNC control, collet chuck, workpiece ejector, 12-station main and 8-station sub turret, auto-lubrication and coolant system, auto power-off, part catcher and much more. From an optional perspective, customers can configure the MYLAS DT Series with options that include live and static toolholders, 6” and 5” power chuck, high-pressure coolant, chip conveyors, oil mist collector, transformer, regulator and a selection of CNC control systems. With an extensive list of options, incredible flexibility and rigidity combined with a brand reputation that is the envy of the multi-tasking turning fraternity, the MYLAS brand from Dugard is now available for consideration.


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