Central Scanning


Since 2006, Central Scanning has been a market leader in 3D scanning and 3D printing in the UK. Whether it is a very small object measuring a few millimetres or a complete car, train or aircraft, scanning is carried out in the firm’s temperature-controlled workshop or on site at the customer’s facility using market-leading equipment from Artec 3D and Zeiss/GOM. The 3D printers are from Stratatsys, MarkForged, Prusa and Ultimaker.

In addition, the company is a reseller of and provides training for Artec 3D, Zeiss and GOM scanners. Product demonstrations on the Artec Leo and two new pieces of equipment, the Artec RAY II and the Zeiss T-Scan Hawk 2, will be the highlights on the company’s stand. The collected data is typically used for inspection, reverse engineering or 3D printing.

3D scanning is now being deployed in R&D, product development and testing, and manufacturing quality assurance in an ever-growing range of industry sectors including aerospace, medical, automotive and tool making. Central Scanning’s experts will be on hand to explain the relative merits of the wide variety of equipment it offers and the many benefits to be derived from employing a handheld scanner like the Artec Leo / Eva or the Zeiss T-Scan Hawk in all stages of a manufacturing process.

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