BLM GROUP’s technology solutions exhibited at TUBE & WIRE 2024


BLM GROUP will be a key player at TUBE & WIRE 2024, the international trade fair for tube and wire processing, scheduled for April 15-19, at the Düsseldorf exhibition center, Hall 5, Stand J22. Visitors will have the opportunity to get hands-on with the most innovative technological solutions offered by BLM GROUP, as well as to learn more about its wide range of software and services. Capturing the rapidly evolving international context, where new applications and industrial sectors are rapidly expanding, the Italian group will present its “The solution” theme at the fair. A leitmotif that emphasizes the importance that the group with more than 60 years of experience in tube processing gives, and has always given, to the research and development of new production solutions that continually enable its customers to always be competitive in an ever-changing world. Efficient, versatile and interconnected production solutions, always one step ahead.

ELECT: extreme imperfection-free bending
Combining highly difficult curvature with curved profile quality means being able to create more compact tubular elements, even of complex shape and high performance, offering designers unique freedom in the design of their products. In this context, the solution presented by BLM GROUP at the fair represents one of the most complex applications ever tackled, a testament to the level of technology achieved by the group in tube bending. The machine is the ELECT150, a fully electric tube bender for tubes up to 150 mm in diameter, which performs the bending of a 110 mm diameter tube with an average radius of only 90 mm, while maintaining an unparalleled aesthetic finish; a design detail that customers will be able to touch.

Robotic production cell: no waste and absolute efficiency

In response to the demand for ever-increasing production efficiency, for production certified to the required tolerances, and for a process freed from the experience and limitations of a human operator, BLM GROUP proposes a fully automatic solution: a plant incorporating two manipulator robots that handle the parts between the processes of: cutting and shaping, high-quality bending with core, nut insertion, shaping on the second end of the tube, and in-line dimensional control. A solution that integrates 3-RUNNER bar-loading, SMART, AST8-VE systems and a telecentric measuring system, perfect for the HVAC industry.

LT8.20: the widest working range for the widest versatility use

A versatile laser tube cutting system capable of working in a wide range of industries, including structural, furniture, automotive, machine tool frame manufacturing, fixtures and more. The Lasertube offers exceptional versatility and production flexibility. The solution featured at the show is the LT8.20, a tube laser cutting machine with a working range from 12 mm to 240 mm diameter, equipped with 3D laser cutting capabilities, a dual loading system, Active Tools technology and a fiber laser source available up to 5 kW. The LT8.20 is highly configurable to meet specific customer needs and can be connected to an automated warehouse to optimize the entiremproduction process.

Lasertube work cell and tube bender enslaved by robots and AGVs

The need, in this case, was to best combine production flexibility and automation. The solution exhibited is a fully automatic system that, through Data Matrix scanning on the part, is able to choose the type of bending program to be performed. The system composed of E-TURN tube bender and Lasertube LT7 system utilizes a manipulator robot and an AGV for tube transport. The advantages are many, including the absence of human intervention, the possibility of having a fully integrated and productive plant, but also the ability to adapt to “on the fly” batch production without special intervention by external operators.

LT12: expands the possibilities of fiber laser cutting up to 305 mm diameter
In the mechanical and new energy industries, the use of light alloys is becoming increasingly common. As a result, for many specialists in the field, the need arises to expand the maximum diameter of tubes that can be cut with the fiber laser. BLM GROUP presents the solution to this need: the LT12, a Lasertube system with fiber source capable of processing tubes up to Ø 305 mm in diameter and 12.5 m in length. This machine is equipped with a 3D laser cutting head and can cut tubes, beams, profiles of various open or closed sections with a speed directly comparable to other Lasertube machines of smaller size.

BLMportal: all services just a click away
For those who use high-tech manufacturing plants, services such as service, maintenance and staff training are of paramount importance to maximize the potential of the plant over time. For customers, access to these services must be simple, convenient and fast. The ideal solution comes with BLMportal, BLM GROUP’s portal that allows each customer to access their personal area and manage a host of services for their production. In BLMportal you can find information and documentation about your machines, access your production statistics, manage service tickets and interact with technical support, purchase consumables and stay up-to-date. BLMportal offers
convenient 360° access to the world of BLM GROUP.


BLMelements: A complete software suite for managing your processing technologies.
In parallel to laser cutting systems, BLM GROUP offers a suite of native software programs that make the most of the power of the equipment thus providing users with excellent work performance and robust process features for programming both on the machine and in the office. VGPNext is the three-dimensional graphic programming software for BLM GROUP tube bending machines and wire benders. Simple, user-friendly, powerful and also available in an office version, it allows the operator to create any shape or geometry with a few simple clicks.

ArTube is the BLM GROUP CAD/CAM software for programming Lasertube systems allowing operators to draw, manipulate and design single parts or complex tubular assemblies of any section. Artube is the most complete CAD/CAM making it dynamic and adaptable to the customer’s specific needs.

ArtCut is the CAM 3D laser cutting cells software for programming new parts offline and starting production quickly and easily. With its immediate and user-friendly 3D graphics, ArtCut simplifie the programming of any three-dimensional workpiece and automatically solves any collisions. The cutting program simulation is remarkably true to reality.

PartViewer runs a graphical simulation of cutting programs for Lasertube systems and estimates execution times and costs.

BLM GROUP’s MES enables easy and transparent management of work schedules for BLM GROUP’s main machines from a single interface. BLM GROUP’s MES enables technologically accurate work orders to be prepared in the office, production scheduling to be done efficiently, production orders to be sent to related plants, and all machining and machine operating modes to be tracked. BLM GROUP’s MES is the enabling key to the evolution of smart Industry 4.0 applications, applying artificial intelligence strategies and data interconnection with the customer’s corporate ERP.


Always customer-oriented with dedicated solutions
BLM GROUP offers a wide range of services designed to accompany the customer throughout the lifecycle of the system to maintain the highest level of efficiency and machine availability. The many services that the group offers include:
Software and remote assistance contracts for quickly resolving any unexpected problems and providing support in the event of new production needs. Remote assistance also uses augmented reality tools, like Active Eye, to quickly transmit the necessary instructions to the operator.

BLManalytics can be used to monitor the production data of the machines in real-time to see useful information on the general trend of system use, highlighting potential critical areas and possible scope for improvement. This will allow quick, targeted and effective strategic decisions, ensuring maximum efficiency and reducing maintenance costs and downtime.
Maintenance plans allow the customer to choose the maintenance plan that best suits their production rate, plan operations so that they never interrupt production and increase the life of each machine by adopting specific activity schedules: routine and/or supplementary maintenance and repair of faults and supply of spare parts.

Whatever the production context, the BLM GROUP has a complete range of solutions for the machining of tubes, sheet metal and any three-dimensional metal profile, enhanced by dedicated software solutions and a portfolio of services that provide customers with all-around support.

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