ASG Tooling wins contract with Airbus


ASG Tooling is proud to announce a recent major contract award win with Airbus. The contract, worth $2.4 million, solidifies ASG Tooling’s position as a trusted partner in the aerospace industry and highlights our expertise in providing innovative solutions for complex transport container requirements for both land and sea.

Under this agreement, ASG Tooling will be responsible for the design, fabrication, and machining of bespoke shipping containers. The project encompasses a lead time of 12 months, during which ASG Tooling will incorporate design changes and manufacture the containers at their Manchester facilities in the United Kingdom.

ASG Tooling’s Group Managing Director, Simon Weston, expressed his excitement about this significant milestone. “Winning this contract with Airbus is a testament to ASG Tooling’s commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver cutting-edge solutions,” said Weston. “We are honoured to have been chosen as their partner and are confident in our ability to meet their unique shipping container requirements.”

The bespoke shipping containers over 18 meters in length, are designed to meet Airbus’s specific needs to transport major airframe assemblies using bespoke quality jigs & work holding and will undergo an extensive fabrication and machining process, including hydraulics, air-conditioning and electrical lighting, With a keen attention to detail, ASG Tooling will leverage their expertise and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest level of precision and quality throughout the production cycle to ensure they can withstand highly corrosive environment. ASG Tooling has successfully won similar previous packages of work manufacturing air-freight jigs for the Airbus Beluga, this latest contract win completes the ASG Group firm’s offering in air, land and now sea.

Once manufactured in the UK, the shipping containers will be transported to Hamburg, Germany, where they will be assembled and rigorously tested in accordance with Airbus’s stringent quality standards. The final containers will then be delivered to Airbus in Germany, marking the successful culmination of ASG Tooling’s exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction.

“The ASG Tooling team will dedicate approximately 14,000 manufacturing hours to complete this project. Our experienced professionals are committed to upholding ASG Tooling’s reputation for excellence, leveraging their skills and knowledge to deliver on time and with unwavering precision, it’s been a real privilege to work on this project, a project that is totally unique with a high degree of complexity has given us a great opportunity to showcase our capability.” Commented Garry Parks, Operations Director of ASG Tooling who has overseen the project.

ASG Tooling’s partnership with Airbus represents a significant milestone in their continued growth and success. It showcases their ability to compete on an international scale and demonstrates their unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that exceed customer expectations.

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