Akyapak UK at MACH 2024


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Since its establishment in 2024, Akyapak UK has actively engaged in introducing and distributing its advanced machinery across the thriving market of the United Kingdom. Our extensive equipment range includes cutting-edge plate, profile, and tube bending machines, alongside state-of-the-art beam drill lines and plate processors technology.

The creation of Akyapak UK highlights our resolute commitment to broadening our market presence and enhancing customer service standards in the UK. It stands as solid proof of our unyielding dedication to providing seamless service—from order processing and rigorous quality control to efficient installation and comprehensive warranty support. Akyapak UK is proud to host a localised service centre, ensuring convenient access to professional support, which underlines our promise to fulfil the diverse needs of our esteemed customers in the UK.


The metal fabrication industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented evolution, fueled by the introduction of innovative machinery and technological breakthroughs designed to boost productivity and enhance efficiency. A shining example of this innovation is the 3 ADM machine by @Akyapak, which has redefined the standards for complex operations and elevated the bar in the metal fabrication field.

Key features of the 3 ADM include:
– Seamless integration with AKYAPAK machines for efficient production.
– Advanced three-spindle, 10-axis CNC beam drill line design allowing simultaneous multiple operations without repositioning materials.
– High-speed carbide drilling with durable tools, offering cost-effective, high-quality output.
– Sophisticated marking capabilities and automatic tool changers for minimized downtime and increased productivity.
– Integration with band saw technology for precise cuts at various angles.
– A precise feeding arm and secure material clamping system for optimal material handling.
– Automated material measurement systems for accurate processing.
– Transfer tables and software integration with Siemens Sinumerik or Mitsubishi and Lantek Flex3d SteelWork, improving safety and operational efficiency.
The 3 ADM sets a new standard in metal fabrication by streamlining processes, reducing manual intervention, and utilizing innovative technology to optimize efficiency and quality, symbolizing a new phase of manufacturing excellence.

You can visit Akyapak’s machines at MACH 2024.
We’ll be showcasing our latest technologies and machinery at Hall 20, Stand 380.

Reach out to [email protected] for more information.

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