Smart Factory & Sustainability


Aimed at supporting manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers in the transition to fully automated operations, Atlas Copco Tools & Industrial Assembly Solutions is doubling its footprint at this year’s Advanced Engineering Show. The global leader in smart tooling and industrial assembly software solutions will be showcasing its Smart Factory philosophy.

Central to Atlas Copco’s ‘Smart Integrated Assembly’ is the goal of eliminating costly rework and material wastage, in pursuit of sustainable manufacturing. Advanced Engineering will see Atlas Copco feature ‘Avantguard’, its latest generation error-proofing software.

Atlas Copco’s ‘Smart Integrated Assembly’ is designed to wirelessly connect all digital tools throughout the factory, harnessing the latest 5G connectivity on selected tool models in order to optimise production, improve quality, reduce costs and energy consumption.

Utilising its customisable ‘ToolsControl’ solution removes the need for separate controllers for each tool on the production line. Atlas Copco’s innovative software creates a single environment for connecting every tool in the factory to the client’s MES (Manufacturing Execution System), which delivers significant reductions in hardware costs and floor space.  Complementing the assembly solutions being showcased will be ISRA VISION, part of the Atlas Copco group, that provides inspection systems which identify possible problems and defects at different stages of the production process.

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