Sharing in Growth (SiG) bring together ‘All STARS’


Sharing in Growth (SiG) is a ‘not for profit’ organisation whose ambition is see UK engineering & manufacturing businesses succeed and grow within an ever-challenging world. Their vision is to “Grow great businesses, by developing great people for this generation and the next…” they work “shoulder to shoulder” with clients to grow the confidence and capability of their people to achieve ambitious business goals. Taking companies from “Good to Great”.

The ‘All STAR’ (Sharing Together Achieving Results) event on Wed 16th November was an opportunity for clients, customers, partners to be inspired and share their journey and the impact of the SiG programme. This year SiG was also celebrating its 10th Anniversary with 10 company case studies at various stages of the programme. The evening culminated in an Awards presentation to recognise companies and individuals showing exceptional behaviours aligned to the SiG values of ‘Inspire, Integrity & Ikigai’.

Sharing in Growth are business transformation experts in the complex world of advanced manufacturing. With over 2,000 years’ industrial experience, our team applies global best practice, enabling UK companies to create sustainable growth.

Founded in 2012 with its original goal to drive the productivity of UK aerospace suppliers in order to compete globally. They are helping ambitious companies to secure contracts and jobs, typically by addressing gaps of 50% in productivity and 20% in product cost. It is effective because of the scale and level of intensity commensurated with the challenge. Now engaged with UK companies that directly supply into Aerospace, Renewables, Defence, Modular Construction, Automotive, Oil & Gas and Medical sectors.

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