3-in-1 Fast Thread Solution From Walter


Walter has launched an innovative new range of thread milling tools called ‘Thrill·tec™’. Thrill·tec™ has been designed to combine the machining steps of core-hole drilling and threading in a single tool and operation. This is also true of the TC645 Supreme circular drill/thread mill, which can also produce a chamfer at the thread entry.

Combining work steps improves productivity and makes this 3-in-1 thread milling cutter ideal for mass production and small series alike. Mass producers can benefit from extended tool life and shorter machining times. Furthermore, the ability to multitask results in significantly less machine downtime for tool changeovers. The TC645 Supreme pays dividends for small-scale manufacturers because they only have to use one tool, therefore reducing tool changes as well as tool positions in the machine tools.

The left-hand cutting thread milling tool is excellent for multi-tasking operations. This is credited to the milling geometry on its face and the internal coolant supply. It optimises chip removal, even at high cutting speeds and demonstrates a feed per tooth. This means that the tool can be used for blind-hole and through-hole threads in dimensions of 2 or 2.5XD. The universal thread milling cutter excels in all ISO materials from P, M, K, N and S up to 48HRc. This is due in large part to Walter’s WB10TJ grade coating.

In addition to high process reliability and universal operation, the main advantage of the TC645 Supreme is its cost-efficiency. Faster machining and reduced indexing times keep the costs per thread relatively low. Walter is offering the TC645 Supreme in dimensions of M4 to M12, UNC8 to UNC½ and G1/16 to G¼. Additional variants will be included as the line is expanded.

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