1st MTA gains sales agency for Slovakian zero-point clamping systems


1st Machine Tool Accessories has been appointed sole sales agent in the UK and Ireland for the modular range of zero-point workholding products manufactured by Slovakian firm, Sinco. The versatile MultiZero is said to be the most capable on the market, as it incorporates more zero points than any other – up to 273 in a single solution.

Established more than 40 years ago, Sinco manufactures in excess of 250 standard MultiZero modules comprising base plates, pallets and fixtures. The product family offers five different pallet types for manual or automatic clamping of parts on a machining centre, die-sink or wire-erosion EDM machine, measuring machine or assembly station. Sinco also produces fixturing arrangements to suit users’ bespoke workholding requirements.

The use of multiple pallets for off-machine workpiece clamping speeds set-ups to within seconds and maximises machining uptime, while ensuring excellent accuracy of positioning to within 5 µm for stable, repeatable production. Moreover, the absence of unnecessary vice jaws exposes the maximum surface of the workpiece, reducing the number of set-ups and operations needed for completing machining or inspection.

Zero-point positioning is achieved by virtue of centring elements on the underside of the pallets and clamping fixtures that precisely match an array of conical zero-point locations at 50 or 100 mm centres across the entire surface of the base plates and pallets. Each mechanical element is secured with an M12 screw having 65 kN of holding power, while pneumatic modules are rated at 55 kN. Pallets are held to the base plate with a force of 260 kN, making the whole configuration extremely rigid.



Sinco offers various accessories to help the user hold the most complex workpieces, from standard clamping elements to flexible vice systems. Countless workholding permutations can be created simply and quickly; and by utilising the whole machine table rather than the two, four or six zero-point positions of conventional systems, machine capacity is maximised.

If MultiZero slot rails are mounted on the underside of existing fixtures on a shop floor, such legacy equipment is compatible with the system, avoiding unnecessary waste and expenditure. Various add-ons are available for 5-axis machining or multiple electrode EDM, for example. Pallets can be supplied fitted with an RFID chip to allow their integration into an Industry 4.0 factory environment, enabling automation, digitalisation, automatic data capture and scheduling of production.

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